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A lot of these are going to come from external links for now.  I have a few recipes of my own, but need to figure out exactly what I do for them, because I just eye ball ingredients.  However, here are some of my absolute favorite recipes created by others.  Enjoy!
  • Chicken Noodle Hold the Soup- I have my own adaptation of this recipe.  I leave out the celery sticks, but I always match stick chop my veggies.  It makes the meal more fun to eat.  =)  This is JTom's all time favorite meal of mine.  I also use Lea and Perron Worcestershire, I am not sure if RR's calls for that or not.  But this is oh so easy and yummy.  Perfect for dinner on the day you head to the grocery, because the rotisserie chicken will be so fresh. 
Crock Pot/ Slow Cooker Recipes
  • Crock Pot SpaghettiI absolutely love her blog!  This is a great recipe.  I tweaked it, of course, because I have my own sauce from scratch, but I used  her recipe for the time and temp setting.  However, I am sure her sauce is great too.
  • Autumn Sausage CasseroleThe creator of this recipe is so right; it's like a bowl of fall.  This is a wonderful meal, and has quickly become a regular on my menu! The baby especially liked it, so it's a keeper!  I froze the left overs for her, so it can be warmed for her at lunch

Other favorite Recipes

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