Friday, January 3, 2014

Moving Blogs ... follow me to Quiet In The Chaos

Hi Friends!  Well, this marks the end of my journey here at {megs} Life is Good.  The main reason is I just needed more freedoms with my blog.  I am so excited to start a new chapter!

The New URL will be:

All my original posts for recipes, preschool, etc can still be found right there on the new site, in the same order they were found here.

You can subscribe to the new rss feed once you get there.  It is on the top right hand side.  You can also continue to follow me on social media there, as well.  I do so hope you will join me!

The new title will be: Quiet in the Chaos: Living Joyfully, Living Simply.  This will be final beginning Sunday, January 5.  After that date, this page will (hopefully) take you directly to the new blog.

It has been wonderful sharing with you all here, and I look so forward to all the new things to come!

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